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We provide sustainable support for optimised raw material supply chains combined with efficiency and CO2 neutrality.

As a partner to the paper, waste management and to the paper converting  industries, we build bridges to meet the high demands on the supply of raw and recyclable materials.

SERO distribution is your partner for sustainable and CO2-neutral optimization of your supply chain for raw and recyclable materials.


Sustainable action is the basis for a life-friendly future for our, future generations. In addition to a progressive personal and technological development of our society, we constantly find examples which, despite emission savings, continue to produce greenhouse gases.

SERO distribution creates a CO2 neutral logistics solution for your supply chains using conventional distribution channels. The compensation of the CO2 balance, the so-called carbon footprint, is an essential part on the way to an economically reasonable and sustainable logistics. In addition to optimized planning of our raw material sales, we voluntarily support national and international climate protection projects.

SERO distribution aims to make its own goods logistics CO2 neutral on a voluntary basis for its partners. We support worldwide initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases and thus contribute to the improvement of the CO2 balance.

In combination with our partners from the production, processing and waste management sectors, this contribution represents an important step on the road to reducing our ecological footprint

Our contribution to climate protection
in 2023

The following results were achieved by supplying 94400 tons of paper for recycling

Trade of Recylables

Recyclable materials, so-called secondary raw materials, are valuable raw materials and represent a considerable branch of industry. They are therefore an essential part of the manufacturing industry, especially in the paper and packaging industry.   

Paper for recycling and new paper is the strength of SERO distribution. As an internationally active trading company in the field of distribution of paper for recycling and new paper, the company is a bridge between the paper industry, the waste management industry and paper processing companies.

We guarantee a high level of economy and efficiency combined with CO2 neutral logistics in the background    


An inevitable process of reusing valuable materials is recycling. In this step, a new product with its own life cycle is produced from waste materials.

Our company is in permanent exchange between the paper industry and raw material suppliers of paper for recycling, therefore we are able to react flexibly and promptly to both sides' requirements for recycling of paper  and other recyclable materials.

SERO distribution  is an official commercial agent of Norske Skog Papier Recycling GmbH in Bruck/Mur and ensures with deliveries of waste paper the recycling process taking place in the paper mill and at the same time generates a new life cycle of the delivered recyclables.

Therefore, as such the company stands for the same respectful, sustainable as well as resource-saving values as the internationally operating partners of the European paper industry and waste management.

SERO Consulting

Due to decades of experience in the field of waste and utility management, the know-how of SERO distribution is available at any time with pleasure.

In case of sustainability issues, questions regarding waste legislation, new potential sales opportunities as well as analyses of current material flows, our company provides professional support and advice on an individual basis, taking into account the respective valid legal and economic framework conditions.

Our goal is to generate an economic and sustainable optimization for our partners with the help of data-based analyses of the current situation.

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SERO distribution is a trading company specializing in paper for recycling and other secondary raw materials which combines sustainable ecological and economic values with partners from the waste disposal industry and the paper industry. In addition to the sustainable and resource-conserving trade of recyclable materials, SERO distribution also supports its partners with the sales of new paper and residual stocks that do not meet the strict quality requirements of the processing industry. In this way, even newly produced goods acquire a life cycle and are thus also processed into a product.

SERO distribution has made it, its personal goal to voluntarily compensate for the CO2 emissions caused by its own transport of traded goods and thus to reduce its own ecological footprint.

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